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Must-have: what flowers must be in the house?
Signs and superstitions have become a part of our lives since ancient times. Almost all,
Saintpaulia - photo, home care, reproduction
Saintpaulia is a genus of beautiful flowering plants in the Gesneriaceae family. Some of the most popular indoor
Decorative trees and shrubs with beautiful fruits for the autumn garden
The autumn garden leaves no one indifferent. Before the onset of cold weather, trees and shrubs play bright
Nephrolepis cordifolia
Uplifting Fern or Nephrolepis sublime
Nephrolepis is a genus of fern plants that belong to the Lomariopsis family. The roots of the plant are not
begonias in nature photo
How to preserve begonia from winter until spring at home: tips for caring for 2 types of flowers
Bright begonia bushes can turn any place into a piece of paradise, be it a windowsill, balcony,
Structure and functions of the stem. Growth, branching and arrangement of leaves on the stem
Higher plants are divided into herbaceous and woody; accordingly, there are two types of stem structure. Distinctive
Orchid care calendar
We help orchids survive autumn and winter at home. Plant characteristics and care recommendations
Caring for orchids in general is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to know the life cycle
Do-it-yourself drip irrigation for a greenhouse + review of ready-made systems
By installing drip irrigation in a greenhouse, in an open area or even at home, you can no longer
Is it possible to cut off the aerial roots of indoor monstera?
Monstera is a plant from the Araceae family, native to the tropics. This is an evergreen vine with
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3 signs why indoor flowers constantly die at home
Too much water Flowers need to be watered regularly, but many people simply “flood” them
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